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Fast Track Test Booking Service

At London Intensive Driver Training (LID), we specialise, and work very hard to find cancellation tests for our clients. Currently, the DSA website for practical driving tests is booked up at some centers for periods in of three months. We have dedicated and specialised staff who’s duty is to find driving test cancellation dates for our individual clients.

  • Just failed your test? No need to wait for months or sit in front of your computer all day
  • Worried about your theory test certificate expiring? Then call us now for an immediate test date
  • Guaranteed fast track driving test booking service
  • Driving Test’s available for next week for just £30 administration fee
  • We arrange tests manually so no software involved and no software to download
  • We will arrange a driving test date months sooner at your desired test centre in few days
  • You get what you ask for and we do not book a test you are not 100% happy with
  • Speak directly to a member of our team
  • You do not need to book your own test, we will do all the work for you
  • You only pay after the change of test, that is a promise
  • You can pay on-line securely with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card
  • You can transfer fee via on-line banking (we will text you our account number and sort code)

Please note that LID is not part of the DSA nor are we affiliated to the DSA nor do we charge you extra for your practical driving test. Our fees are for finding and arranging the availability of all the parties for the practical driving test. There is no VAT chargeable on the DSA charge for the practical driving test. Call us and discuss your requirements with our sales team. If you wish to make use of our “Fast Track driving test booking service” you will be required to provide us with all your details so that we can start looking for the required practical driving test, our test finding team will be trawling the DSA website and discussing possible test slots with the DSA call centre.